Double Win For Hong Nor In Jutland Cup


Last weekend HN team driver Tim Culmsee raced at the JC cup (Jutland Cup) in both truggy and the buggy class. Here’s a report from Tim…

“In truggy I was racing with the reciver battery on top of my steering servo to get some more weight on the front wheels which worked very well. After the qualifying I was TQ. Then I won my semi and was number 1 on the grid for the final. Right after the start I pulled away from the rest of the cars and after 45 min I was 3 laps ahead and took another win with HongNor X2-CRT-Pro!”


“In the buggy class a lot of drivers from the Danish Nats were in attendance so the competitors were very strong. I had made some modifications to my X2-CR buggy. I ran with the truggy side guards to get the car narrower. The Pro-Line BullDog body fitted perfectly. After qualifying I was number 2 so I started number 1 in semi B. Once again, after the start I pulled away and won the semi with 1 lap ahead. Again I started 1st on the final grid. Right after start I was hit by another car and was 7th but my mind was set and my car performed like a dream so after 20 minutes I was 2 laps ahead on the field. At the 34 minute mark, my rear shock came loose so I had to pit to get it fixed. When I came back on the track I was only 10sec ahead of number two so I tried to build some distance up. The X2 buggy was so consistent and made it easy for me to take the win again with 1 lap ahead of number 2. So I really felt that HongNor once again helped me to win. It was a great weekend for HongNor and Me. :)  A double win again…”

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Source: Hong Nor



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