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Team Acorn’s Allister Lim attended Total Hobby RC Race 1:10 EP Open Modified at UTM Skudai in Malaysia. It was his first overseas race with Team Acorn batteries and it was a challenging one: high speed corners, bumpy sections and high wear on the tyres. Furthermore, the cloudy weather made the drivers guessing which are the right tyres, additives and preparation methods. Testing the revised version Acorn’s Racing’s 5500mAh 36C 2S1P 7.4V LiPo, he was able to get his Hobbywing powered Hot Bodies TC to work under the tricky conditions and even with used tyres he was able to clock respectable times; he only managed to qualify 3rd on the grid due to lack of knowledge of the track and the high wear rate on the tyres.

Top 10 Qualifiers

  • 1    Ken Ng    Xray T3
  • 2    P.Y.Tang    Xray T3
  • 3    Allister    Hot Bodies Cyclone/Acorn Racing
  • 4    Jonest Wong    Tamiya 416X
  • 5    Barry Ng    Tamiya 416X
  • 6    Kimie    Xray T3
  • 7    Paul Lok    Tamiya 416X
  • 8    Jazz CK    Yokomo BD5
  • 9    Chee Lip Keong    Tamiya 416X
  • 10    Desmond Tan    Xray T3


Starting on the clean side of the track, he had every chance to fight for the win. In Round 1 of the finals, cold tyres on his Cyclone TC caused him to be slow of the line and he was collected by the rest of the pack. Taking advantage of the pile up, P.Y.Tang pulled away and won Round 1 easily with Ken Ng 2nd and Allister 3rd. In Round 2, Allister increased his tyres duration on his warmers and it paid off with a better start. But he was taken out by back markers which dropped his position and he can only manage 4th. With the top spot confirmed by P.Y.Tang with 2 wins, it was between Ken Ng, Jazz CK and Allister to battle it out in Round 3 for the second spot of the podium. Lady luck was smiling on Allister when Ken and Jazz ran into mechanical problems and traffic issues and P.Y.Tang led the race for most of the round, made a small mistake sending his car off the track. With a 4 second gap, Allister won Round 3 and taking 2nd overall.

Final Standings

  • 1    P.Y.Tang     Xray T3
  • 2    Allister     Hotbodies Cyclone,Acorn Racing
  • 3    Ken Ng     Xray T3
  • 4    Barry Ng    Tamiya 416X
  • 5    Jazz CK    Yokomo BD5
  • 6    Desmond Tan    Xray T3
  • 7    Kimie    Xray T3
  • 8    Chee Lip Keong    Tamiya 416X
  • 9    Jonest Wong    Tamiya 416X
  • 10    Paul Lok    Tamiya 416X

It was a positive result for Allister and he wants to thank Acorn Racing for their batteries and Hobbywing for their electronics.


Source: Acorn Racing



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