Xceed Tyre Traction Fluids


Xceed have released their tyre traction fluid for foam tyres or rubber tyres in new packaging and added a TF-2 blend. It now comes in a strong  plastic bottle, with wide opening, for easy access with brushes and strong white cap.  There are also decals both on the top and the side for easy selection.

The formula provides additional traction for indoor and outdoor use, on both foam and rubber tyres.  Suitable for 1:12, 1:10, 1:10 Pro-10 and WGT as well.

TF-1 is used when there is medium to high traction. TF-2 is used mainly on finals days, when traction is getting almost too high, and TF-2 will avoid traction-rolls.


How to apply

Apply the TF liquid on your rear tyres 30 minutes before your run and leave it to dry. Apply TF to the front tyres later, usually 5-10 minutes before your run. Wipe the tyres with a paper towel as late as possible before the race. Make sure your front and rear tyres feel sticky to have maximum traction, right from the start.

  • 103236            Tyre Traction Fluid TF-1
  • 103237            Tyre Traction Fluid TF-2
  • Both available August 2010


Source: Xceed RC



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