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JQ Products have announced a couple of distributors for the Northern markets of Scandinavia and North America. They feel that these are the best options in achieving a foothold in these markets. All the distributors will be carrying all kits and parts in stock, at all times, in order to make sure dealers are able to get whatever they want, when the need it. Hopefully as many dealers sign up as possible in each country, and decide to keep a stock of parts so that the customers have a sure parts supply.  Here’s the information about distribution:



Denmark and Norway

  • North TQ RC Distribution
  • Torsholmsalle 6, Tulstrup
  • 3400 Hillerød
  • Danmark
  • Tel: +45 35110607
  • Fax: +45 48286155
  • Website: www.northtq.com
  • Email: info@northtq.com

Statement by Peter Harder at NorthTQ: “THE Car and JQ Products is a perfect fit to the existing NorthTQ product portfolio. The Scandinavian focused RC distribution company can offer the shops a very interesting package”.


  • Precision Hobbies
  • 323 Strathroyal Avenue
  • Strathroy, ON N7G 3G5
  • Tel: 519-657-8486
  • Website: Under Construction
  • Email: info@precisionhobbies.ca


Source: JQ Products



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