Picco Boost .21 Turbo Buggy Engine


The Picco Boost .21 engine is developed especially for off road racing. Optimised for improved fuel economy and drivability, this 3 port ABC engine, features a lightened crankshaft with silicon paste. With an over-sized turbo head insert, the cooling head has been lightened through the use of holes in the fins to keep the centre of gravity as low as possible. The motor is supplied with a composite slide carburettor with 6 and 7mm venturis, and both the crankcase and cooling head sport updated graphics.


Picco Boost Features

  • 14mm crankshaft
  • 3 ports + 2 by pass
  • Hard chromed brass lapped liner
  • Piston CNC machined from billet high percentage silicone alloy
  • Swiss quality ball bearings
  • Separate large size combustion chamber turbo insert
  • Composite slide carburettor with interchangeable 7 and 6mm venturis



  • Capacity: 3.49 cc
  • Bore: 16.26 mm
  • Stroke: 16.80 mm
  • HP: 2.3
  • RPM: 30,000
  • Weight: 330 g


P4-4000           Picco Boost .21 Turbo Buggy Engine            £249.99


Source: CML Distribution



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