Racers Edge SureCharge 2010 Pro AC/DC Battery Balance Charging System


The New SureCharge 2010 Pro balance charging system is capable of handling all of your power needs in one unit with a complete set of accessories unmatched in the RC industry. Features include Integrated Balance Technology, 1-6S Li-Po, Li-Ion, Pb, and Li-Fe charging capabilities, 1-14 cell Ni-MH and Ni-Cd charging as well as AC/DC operation. With the ability to charge at up to 8amps and discharge up to 5amps, the SureCharge 2010 is the ultimate RC battery management system. Accessories include AC/DC power leads, temperature sensor, The Squid Ultimate Charging Adapter, and a sleek aluminium carrying case in a stealth black finish for storing and transporting your investment. An onboard cooling fan maintains consistent cooling while the anodised red aluminium case offers a stylish way to represent Racers Edge in the pits.

Good looks and the specs required for any day at the races. Look no further, the SureCharge 2010 has the performance and quality you expect from Racers Edge!


Features & Specifications

  • Input : AC 100 – 240V/ DC 11-18V
  • Battery Type: Ni-Cd / Ni-MH / Li-Po / LiFePo / Pb
  • Battery Cell: Ni-Cd / Ni-MH ; 1-14 Cells ( 1.2-16.8V)
  • Li-Po ; 1-6S (3.7 – 22.2V)
  • LiFePo ; 1-6S (3.2 – 19.2V)
  • Pb ; 2V-6V-12V
  • Charge Rate : 0.1Amp – 8.0Amp (0.1Amp Per Gradation)
  • Discharge Rate : 0.1Amp – 5.0 Amp (0.1Amp Per Gradation)
  • Charging Capacity : 1-9900mah
  • Safety Timer : 10 – 720 Minutes or Off
  • Trickle Charge Rate : 0.05 – 0.2Amps or Off
  • Peak Sensitivity : 1-15mV


  • AC & DC Power Cables
  • The Squid! Ultimate Charging Adapter
  • Temperature Probe
  • Black Aluminium Carrying Case
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • RCESC2010      Racers Edge SureCharge 2010 Pro AC/DC Battery Balance Charging System    RRP:  $229.99
  • Available Now


Source: Racers Edge



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