RPM HPI Baja 5B / 5T Rear Skid Plate


The stock rear end of the HPI Baja 5B and 5T is not designed for low-end protection since the stock set-up has nothing in the back that needs protecting. However, large rear-mounted aftermarket exhaust pipes expose a critical weakness in the lack of protection those two tubes provide.

The RPM rear skid plate eliminates that weak point by eliminating those two tubes entirely. RPM replace them with a large, curved plate with seven huge skid rails measuring 1/4” wide by 3/16” tall that provide unmatched skid and impact resistance to the rear end. A small, open section was left to allow easy access to the clip holding the stock under-guard in place while closing up most of the back end so nothing can come up from the bottom to hit that expensive, aftermarket exhaust pipe. RPM also dropped the skid rails parallel to the lowest point on the chassis, helping reduce some of the impacts taken by the chassis and place it where it can be handled much better – by the RPM skid plate!


RPM made the rear skid plate beefy to handle tail-first landings or rear impacts, yet because it is made from RPM’s killer blend of proprietary materials, it can still absorb severe impact energy instead of transferring it into the more fragile and expensive chassis components.

RPM rear skid plates for the HPI Baja 5B and 5T are sold as three-piece kits and come with all necessary mounting hardware and instructions.

Tech Notes: This skid plate replaces HPI stock #85438 (item #4 on the tree). RPM rear skid plates are tested and only guaranteed to fit stock HPI parts and RPM aftermarket accessories.

#81992      HPI Baja 5B / 5T Rear Skid Plate      SRP: $21.95 ea.


Source: RPM RC Products



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