Team Durango Success In China Selection Race Round 2


DEX410 & DEX410R finish 1st, 2nd and take TQ in Asia EP Buggy Championship China Selection Race Round 2.

Team Durango’s Chinese distributor sent this report of a race that took place last weekend.


The second round of the Asia EP Buggy Championship China Selection was held last weekend at Shanghai United Raceway (SUR).

The weather was good, the track was big and the layout was very challenging. The track combined plenty of technical turns, a long straight and banked corner. In the days preceding the event Shanghai had a lot of sunshine and warm weather which made the ground very dry and hard. The track condition was dry and dusty with medium grip.


The rules stated that all racers were only allowed to use one set of tyres for the entire day. Due to the track conditions the tyre wear was high and having only a single set of tyres for the entire event was a big test to all racers.


The format of the meeting was three rounds of qualifying with best two to count and then three finals. After three rounds of qualifying Team Durango driver and Team Manager John Ho was the only one who was able to achieve 14 laps which got him the TQ and pole position for the finals. Team Durango cars line up first and second on the grid with six cars in total in the A final.


In the finals John won two out of the three legs giving him the overall win of the day with his DEX410. Second place went to Luo Yong Sheng driving the DEX410R. The Round 3 of the series will be again held at Shanghai United Raceway (SUR) in September.


4WD A-Main Final Result

  • 1    John Ho – Team Durango DEX410
  • 2    Luo Yong Sheng – Team Durango DEX410R
  • 3    Beckham – TeamC TC04
  • 4    Wang Zhi Ao – Team Durango DEX410R
  • 5    Bini – Team Durango DEX410
  • 6    Nelson Leung – Team Durango DEX410R
  • 7    Maruyama – AE B44
  • 8    Liu Nan – Team Durango 410R
  • TQ    John Ho – Team Durango DEX410



Source: Team Durango



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