Team Orion Alpha Discovery 3.5ccm 5-Port Low Budget Competition Engine


The Alpha Discovery 3.5ccm 5-port off-road engine has all the great features of a competition engine combined with a low budget price. Go for this motor to get world champion technology and great power made in Italy.


  • .21/3.5ccm Low Budget Competition Engine
  • 5-Port ABC Design
  • Good Power and Mileage
  • Turbo Insert
  • Standard Crankshaft (Black Coated)
  • CNC Machined Lightweight Piston
  • Bi-Steel Competition Ball Bearing
  • High Precision CNC Machined Crankcase
  • Red Anodised Aluminium Heatsink
  • 2 Needle Aluminium Body Competition Carburettor with Isolating Bushing

ORI80677 3.5 cm³ Alpha Discovery Engine (ABC/5 port)

ORI80678 3.5 cm³ Alpha Discovery Engine (ABC/5 port), set w/ pipe


Source: Team Orion



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