PROTOform P37-R (Rubber) Light Weight Clear Body For 190mm Touring Cars


PROTOform is proud to announce a new 190mm sedan race body for rubber tyre competition. The new PROTOform P37-R (rubber) is suited for both indoor carpet as well as paved racing surfaces and is available in both “Lite” and “PRO-Lite” weights. It comes with protective coating, window masks, decals and wing hardware. The P37-R conforms to all the EFRA Global Body Spec criteria.

This sleek and racy-looking body is sure to add some diversity to the racing sedan scene will be seen on the winner’s podium soon!


  • Made from extremely durable .025 Lexanmaterial
  • Conforms to all the Global Body Spec criteria
  • Paint-then-Peel protective film

What’s Included

  • Clear P37-R Body (1 pc)
  • Window Mask
  • Wing mounting hardware
  • Decal sheet (1 pc)

1525-25    PROTOform P37-R (Rubber) Light Weight Clear Body For 190mm TC

Please note: All bodies are sold in crystal clear lexan and are painted for advertising purposes only.


Source: PROTOform



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