Graham Alsop To Use Competition Heat


GB Modelsport has announced that Graham Alsop has joined their line-up of drivers who will be using the new Competition Heat 12V engine heater. At a bitterly cold start to the Race Central Winter Series at Frankley last weekend, Graham drove his Hot Bodies D8 Hara Edition buggy to an emphatic victory, taking TQ in every qualifying round) and going on to win the A final, lapping the entire field in the process. Graham used the Competition Heat 12V heater to get his RB B10 engine race-ready before each run and had this to say. “Despite the extreme cold, it got the engine up to temperature every time and starting was always instantaneous. Leaving the heater jacket on the engine right until the car was placed in the pit lane also helped to prevent heat loss before I got onto the track.” Graham was also impressed with the noticeable reduction in wear and tear on his starter box and glow starter cells, remarking “My starter box used less than about 250 mAh all day.”

Source: GB Modelsport

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