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Here are some new tools from engine gurus RB Concepts. The tool tips are precision made from high quality steel with an ergonomic nylon handle for good grip of the tool, unlike aluminium ones that can damage your hand during continuous use. With the allen drivers, the size is indicated on the orange anodised part of each handle whilst an O-ring on the handle gives even a better grip. For durability, each grub screw rod is assembled with thread lock and should you need, tips are also available separately.
Along with the tools that are sold individually, a complete set is also available and comes in a neat protective case. This set includes:

Body reamer
1.5mm allen driver
2mm allen driver
2.5mm allen driver
2.5mm ball allen driver
glow plug wrench
spring tool (hook)
4mm flat head screwdriver
5mmflat head screwdriver
6mm flat head screwdriver
4mm philips screwdriver
5mm philips screwdriver
5.5mm nut driver


RB02010-040 RB Allen driver 1.5mm – £6.50
RB02010-041 RB Allen driver 2mm – £6.50
RB02010-042 RB Allen driver 2.5mm – £6.50
RB02010-043 RB Allen driver 3mm – £6.50
RB02010-044 RB Allen driver 4mm – £6.50
RB02010-045 RB Allen driver 5mm – £6.99
RB02010-046 RB Phillips screwdriver 3mm – £8.50
RB02010-047 RB Phillips screwdriver 4mm – £8.50
RB02010-048 RB Phillips screwdriver 6mm – £9.25
RB02010-049 RB Flat screwdriver 3mm – £6.99
RB02010-050 RB Flat screwdriver 4mm – £6.99
RB02010-051 RB Flat screwdriver 5mm – £7.50
RB02010-052 RB Flat 4mm (180mm) – £7.25
RB02010-053 RB Flat 6mm (100mm) – £7.99
RB02010-054 RB Allen ball driver 2mm – £6.50
RB02010-055 RB Allen ball driver 2.5mm – £7.25
RB02010-056 RB Allen ball driver 3mm – £7.25
RB02010-057 RB Allen ball driver 4mm – £7.50
RB02010-058 RB Allen ball driver 5mm – £7.50
RB02010-059 RB Nut driver 5.5mm – £9.25
RB02010-060 RB Nut driver 7mm – £9.25
RB02010-061 RB Tool for springs/caster shims – £7.99
RB02010-062 RB Reamer – £18.99
RB02010-063 RB Tool bag – £14.99
RB02010-064 RB Tool set with case – £99.99

Source: CML Distribution

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  1. i m malaysian, may i ask how can i puchsase it in malaysia|?
    where can i buy it?

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