Reedy 121VR-ST .21 Off-Road Competition Nitro Engine


Details of the long-awaited Reedy 121VR-ST competition engine has been received here at Racer after the team drivers including Ryan Maifield, Craig Drescher, Neil Cragg and Richard Saxton were happy with the spec and performance. The VR-ST incorporates state-of-the-art features in a proven package and offers greater power that the original 121VR model. Some of the main changes include the addition of a balanced ADLC-coated crankshaft, ceramic rear bearing, lightweight piston and ADLC coated wrist pin. An ultra-lightweight heatsink head with “diamond cut” fins improves cooling while lowering the centre of gravity. The engine will become available next month.




•    3+1 Port Chrome Plated Cylinder
•    High Silicon CNC-Machined Lightweight Piston
•    Knife-Edged 7075 Aluminium Connecting Rod
•    ADLC-Coated Wrist Pin
•    Chrome-Plated Back Plate with Turbo Scoop
•    Ultra-Lightweight Machined Aluminium Heatsink Head
•    Thermo-Insulated, Screw-Mounted Two-Needle Carburettor
•    Balanced Turbo Scoop Crankshaft with ADLC Coating and Silicone Insert
•    Precision Steel Front Ball Bearing
•    Precision Ceramic Rear Ball Bearing
•    Oversized Finned Turbo Head Button
•    7mm, 8mm and 9mm Venturi Inserts

#801 Reedy 121VR-ST .21 Buggy Engine

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