Speed Passion One-Cell Motors



Schumacher, Speed Passion’s UK agent has sent through details of the new raneg of motors that are designed specifically for one-cell LiPo use in classes like 1:12, 1:10 oval and World GT classes. The range has been developed with multi-national-winning US Champion Josh Cyrul to ensure a good balance of top speed and run time. The re-designed motor includes a new motor stator to specifically help with the low voltage demands of the 3.7V LiPo battery, offering smoother power delivery right through the power band

SP1C35V3 Competition Version 3.0 3.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C45V3 Competition Version 3.0 4.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C55V3 Competition Version 3.0 5.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C75V3 Competition Version 3.0 7.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C105V3 Competition Version 3.0 10.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C135V3 Competition Version 3.0 13.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C175V3 Competition Version 3.0 17.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99
SP1C215V3 Competition Version 3.0 21.5R for One-Cell LiPo – £74.99

Source: Schumacher

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