Novak Offers Two New Trade-Ins


Novak is introducing two new programmes for non-warranty service on their products. This commitment means that they can offer customers with many choices for both item replacement and exchange. Here they are in Novak’s own words:


For customers with currently manufactured Novak speed controls and brushless motors, there are two replacement options for speed controls or motors:
REPLACE – Product is replaced with the same item.
EXCHANGE – Product is exchanged for another item listed in the trade-in program. Speed controls must be exchanged for other speed controllers and motors exchanged for motors. Refer to the program’s web page for details and a number of examples.


The new Legacy Lifetime option allows customers to return any discontinued Novak product and upgrade to one of Novak’s newest products. Many of Novak’s popular items are available for upgrade. This impressive option gives customers the opportunity to update their products at a discounted price. Refer to the program’s web page for full details and a list of offered products. All of the replaced, exchanged or upgraded items are factory re-manufactured, and include a new, 120-day warranty.

Novak’s new Customer Service Trade-In Program is now in effect. If you have any questions about the Trade-In Program, please visit Novak’s website or call one of Novak’s highly trained Customer Service Representatives.

Note: Racer would like to state that upon speaking to Novak, they confirmed that these programmes are in operation worldwide, but they do however recommend that customers first contact their International Novak Distributor for their own guidelines on warranty and non-warranty procedures. A list of those distributors can be found here.

Source: Novak

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