Serpent 811 Wins in Portugal with Rodrigo Luis


The final race of the year in Portugal took place last weekend at the famous Torres Vedras track. There was about 30 drivers, a very good track with excellent conditions and so it was set to be an amazing race. There were three Serpent 811s racing and it was the Portuguese Team Driver Rodrigo Luis who managed to show the speed by taking TQ by winning two of the three rounds. He was the only car and driver combination to achieve ten laps during qualifying and also the only to run 31-second laps all weekend. In the semis, Rodrigo won easily and took the top spot for the final.
Starting with number one and with a few rain drops falling, the final was true madness. Rodrigo was hit in the first corner and dropped to last position, but after a fabulous recovery he managed to get second spot after only a few laps and began to fight for first position once. During the second fuel stop, he was hit by other car and a body clip popped off. Then down one of the straights, the body flew off too, forcing Rodrigo into an extra pit stop and dropping to second place again, losing almost a lap to the leader. But races only finish at the chequered flag and after Rodrigo managed to reduce the gap to half a lap, the leading car had troubles with seven minutes to go and so Rodrigo drove to victory.

Source: Serpent

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