DE Racing Trinidad Wheels for the Losi XXX-SCT


American company DE Racing has released their new Trinidad SC wheel for the Losi XXX-SCT and are currently available in black for both front and rear applications. Named after a rugged valley section of the prestigious Baja 500 and 1000 desert races, the “Trinidad” SC is one of the most detailed and scale wheels available for your XXX-SCT. 

DE Racing specialises in highly innovative performance products and these are manufactured in the USA from the finest possible materials with an advanced ribbing design that offer strength and durability while still remaining lightweight. Intended for the highest levels of competition, they also feature ROAR legal widths and bead diameters in a one-piece design.



•     Realistic scale appearance
•     Advanced ribbing design for strength and durability
•     ROAR legal widths and 2.2/3.0 diameters
•     Available for front and rear applications
•     Made in the USA

Source: DE Racing

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