Schumacher’s Longer Chassis Set-Up for Cougar SV


Here are two new products for the Schumacher Cougar SV 2WD off-road buggy. This new chassis and top deck set has been developed over several months by the team drivers in a variety of conditions. Being 8mm longer than standard, this chassis significantly changes the balance of the car with more weight now shifted towards the rear which makes the car more stable, easier to drive and offers better rear traction on medium to low grip surfaces. In addition to the chassis, there is a longer top deck that is required when using the new chassis and this too has been developed by our team to provide the optimal flex for this chassis design.


U3848 Top Deck + 8mm Slim – Cougar SV £14.99
U3849 Chassis + 8mm Cougar SV £56.99

Source: Schumacher

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