Reedy 5500mAh 60C 14.8V Competition LiPo Battery


Reedy’s latest LiPo is this 5500mAh 60C 14.8V competition battery that has been competition tested and proven by world-class racers. It features a high capacity for long run times with a 60C rating for maximum power output. Designed for 1:8 electric buggies and truggies, this battery fits perfectly in Team Associated’s RC8e, SC8e, and RC8Te models but is also suitable for use in many other chassis. Reedy’s moulded hard case helps protect against crash damage and a Deans connector minimises resistance.

Capacity: 5500mAh    
Voltage: 14.8V (4S)
Max Charging Current: 11A

Max Cont. Discharging Current: 60C (300A)
Burst Discharging Current: 80C (440A)
Dimensions: 138x47x45mm
Weight: 606g
Connector: Deans Ultra Plug with 
12-gauge wires

Source: Associated

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