Serpent Announce 966 Evo


The Serpent 966 has excelled in competitions worldwide and drivers are very happy with the handling and fast chassis.


But now, Serpent has introduced the Evo model that includes the very latest developments that include:

Serpent Flex Control (SFC) rear end that allows the two-speed shaft brackets and rear diff brackets to be connected with either an alloy or rubber insert, or left totally unconnected
Rear anti-roll bar ball-bearings are now seated in Delrin bushings to isolate vibrations
Two-speed shaft bearings are seated in Derlrin inserts for optimised fit and to isolate vibrations
Ventilated, lightweight mono-disk brake now included as standard
3mm rear anti-roll bar of the standard-wire type



The 2011 IFMAR World Championships will take place in April 2011 in the USA and Serpent is developing some new parts for the 966 car, specific for the WC track and conditions at the track in Florida. These new developments will be made available soon after the worlds for everyone too. Serpent’s top-drivers like Andrea Cristiani, Mark Green, Paolo Morganti, Michael Salven, Scott Kimbrow, Ilia van Gastel, Masao Tanaka, Tim Wood, and Fabio Domanin will be racing for the Serpent team at the event with the 966 Evo.

#903009  Serpent 966 Evo

Source: Serpent

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