AKA R-Line Series of EVO Pre-Mounts and Tyres with Inserts


AKA has announced the release of the R-Line pre-mounted 1:8 buggy tyres and an update of their current 1:8 buggy and 1:10 SC tyres. AKA’s new R-Line EVO pre-mounts feature their World Championship-winning EVO wheel which combined with (34003Y or W) stiffener disc, is one of the most technically advanced wheels on the market today. The EVO pre-mount also features the new soft red insert (34001S) that was used by Cody King along with the EVO wheel to win the 2010-2011 1:8 Buggy IFMAR World Championship. The EVO pre-mounts have replaced the current pre-mounts.
The company has also updated all of their current 1:8 buggy and 1:10 SC tyre and insert combos with the red insert. The fluted internal diameter of the soft red insert allows it to absorb the heavy hits while still having enough internal structure to retain it’s shape and stiffness in the turns. The result is more consistent handling on a wider variety of surfaces with less compromise. The R-Line tyre and insert combos will be replacing their current tyre and insert combo tyres although the 34001MG buggy insert will be retained in their product line as a aftermarket item.

Source: AKA

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