Novak GTB 2 LP Speed Controller and 25.5T Ballistic Motor


Novak is proud to introduce a compact version of their popular GTB 2 speed controller, the GTB 2 Sportsman Brushless ESC – Low Profile HS (#1708). This GTB 2 LP, as it is referred as, features a low-profile heat sink that reduces the weight and size of the controller. Recommended for use with higher-turn spec motors (8.5T and higher), the GTB 2 LP packs the same features of the GTB 2 at an affordable price. With no boost or timing, this speed controller is ideal for Sportsman and Spec racing.



Additionally, Novak is releasing its popular Ballistic Spec Brushless Motor – 25.5T VTA (#3625V )through its distribution network. This high-turn motor was specifically developed for US Vintage Trans-Am racers, and features a blue, anodised sleeve to differentiate it as a VTA-specific motor. Like all Ballistic 540 Sensored Brushless Motors, the Ballistic 25.5T features a completely rebuildable design including a replaceable stator.

Source: Novak


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