Team Durango Wins in Germany With DEX210 and DEX410


Team Durango’s Hupo Hönigl reports on the Indoor Dirt race held in Munich, Germany, where Hupo secured wins in 2WD and 4WD with the DEX210 and DEX410 respectively:

“The race was held in Germany, not far from Munich at Edling. The name is a bit confusing because it is called Indoor Dirt race, but the track is a non-permanent carpet track; The organiser’s nickname is Dirty and that is where the name comes from. The whole crew did an amazing job all weekend and the track was one of the best carpet tracks i have ever raced on!
This was my first race on carpet with the new DEX210 and I decided to start with the four-gear mid-motor configuration. The car was awesome from the beginning, but because the carpet had really high grip, I decided to change to the three-gear mid-motor configuration, which gave me the extra steering to make the car perfect!
In qualifying I switched to the new Nanobyte dBoots tyres, which made my cars even faster. By the end of qualifying the traction got lower because the carpet lost a bit of grip and I went back to a four-gear mid-motor set-up that made my car again perfect for the changing conditions.
I managed to TQ both classes, my 2WD overall times would have been enough for third on the 4WD grid, which shows how good my DEX210 was! Overall there were four DEX210s in the 2WD A final and three DEX410s in the 4WD A final.The finals went even better for Durango and we finished one-two-three in the first 2WD leg and in the end I won with Markus Metsch also with a DEX210 in second.
Martin Kreil, who finished third in the first leg was involved in some carnage in the other legs and finished fifth. Marcus Prihoda with his first outing with the DEX210 finished seventh. In 4WD, I won again in front of Markus Metsch’s DEX410. Martin Kreil finished sixth after again some tough finals.”

Source: Team Durango

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