Tresrey Big Bore Shock Conversion and Graphite Steering Plate


Tresrey is going to release some new products for the DEX210 and DEX410V3 kits in early December 2011. First of all are these precision machined shock bodies that come with a special smooth coating (MOS) that reduces friction. This “Big Bore Shock” conversion set includes 3mm shafts that also offers less friction against the O-rings. With the included machined six-hole shock pistons, this conversion set will upgrade your standard shocks on both the DEX410V3 and DEX210.


The second item is this high quality graphite steering plate for the DEX210. This part helps resolve one of the only few weak points of the car and is a perfect replacement with standard plastic steering plate.

TYTD063 Tresrey MOS Coated Big Bore Shock Conversion Set (DEX210/410 front)
TYTD064 Tresrey MOS Coated Big Bore Shock Conversion Set (DEX210/410 rear)
TYTD065 Tresrey Graphite Steering Plate (DEX210)

Source: Tresrey

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