Sonic Nitro Engines V.21T On-Road


In a few days, Sonic Nitro Engines will release the all new Sonic V.21T 3.5cc on-road engine that has been manufactured by Picco Micromotori. The engine has been developed with the help of some of the World’s best drivers and the components have been made from the finest materials to ensure high durability and reliability. Equipped with a 7+2 port sleeve with “teardrop work” and a CNC machined flat piston, the engine provides great power over the entire RPM range while having a very efficient fuel consumption. The 14mm turbo crankshaft is equipped with two high density weights to improve the overall balancing and filled with a silicone insert to reduce the inertia and improve the fuel flow. The special backplate plate, the optimised crankcase and the “knife edged” aerodynamic con-rod help even more to reduce turbulence inside the engine. A special turbo combustion chamber with a cooling fin and the super lightweight cooling head ensure best heat dispersion to keep the engine temperature at a moderate level. High quality Swiss ball bearings, a modern composite valve carburettor and two aluminium Venturis (8mm and 9mm) complete this new high competition engine.

• 7+2 port hard chromed sleeve
• CNC machined flat piston
• Balanced 14mm turbo crankshaft with silicon insert
• Aerodynamic “knife edged” connecting rod
• Modified backplate for improved fuel flow
• Turbo combustion chamber with cooling fin
• Lightweight cooling head for low Centre of Gravity
• 14mm high quality Swiss main bearing
• Composite slide valve carburettor
• 8mm and 9mm aluminium Venturis

Technical Data:
Displacement: 3.49cc
Max Power: 2.85 HP @ 37.500 U/min
Bore: 16.26mm
Stroke: 16.80mm
Ports: 7+2
Front Bearing: 7x19x6mm
Rear Bearing: 14×25.4x6mm
Plug: Sonic P7TC Turbo
Weight: 320g

Source: Sonic Nitro Engines

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