Shepherd Resigns Stephane Bouche


Stephane Bouche has rejoined Team Shepherd for the 2012 season. After one year away, the front running Frenchman switches back to the German manufacturer and will use the Velox V8 in the upcoming season. Stephane plans to attend both the European A and B Championships, as well as all rounds of the French National Expert Championship giving support to all fellow Shepherd drivers. Stephane had the following to say. “I’m really enjoying to come back to the Team Shepherd for 2012 after a year of transition. The Velox V8 “eleven” is really successful and I hope to have some good results for the Euro B in France and Euro A in Portugal next year. I would like to thank Team Shepherd and French distributor Andelle Competition for their confidence, and best wishes to all for 2012.”

Source: Shepherd Micro Racing

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