DE Racing Borrego 8 Wheel


Following on from their range of Borrego wheels in 1:10 scale, DE Racing now offers a 1:8 scale version. Like the 1:10 model, these rims offer a touch of scale realism and style adopted from the pro buggy class of short course racing as they incorporate a simulated bead lock ring and foam mud plug to their design. Though appearance was important, their foremost effort was in creating a wheel that would truly perform at the top of today’s competitive racing world. The first focus was on the wheels level of rigidity.  Rigidity in not only the face of the wheel, but in its inner glue beads hoop strength as well. DE Racing believe as many others that a rigid wheel helps to eliminate the undampened spring effect of a soft flexible wheel and allows for a more consistent and confident handling car on fast and bumpy track surfaces. Secondly, they knew the wheel had to be tough enough to endure the worst a track or driver could throw at them.
Another unique feature of the Borrego 8 is the high level of clearance on the inside support ribs. This clearance allows TLR 8ight drivers the ability to modify their car for larger amounts of steering travel without having to modify the wheels.

Source: DE Racing

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