Xray NT1 2012 Features World Championship-Winning Pedigree


Xray announces the 2012 edition of the NT1, the next evolution of their World Championship-winning chassis. Martin Hudy, Xray’s NT1 Project Designer had this to say:

“The NT1 platform has been successfully raced for several years now, and in 2011 it proved once again that it still works perfectly. It’s the car to beat and there is nothing about the geometry that needs to be changed. This statement can be backed up at nearly all races across the world as the team continues its domination at most races during the seasons.
For the XRAY R&D team it has been a very demanding task to improve on the already almost perfect NT1. We have thoroughly analyzed all feedback and reports from the team and customers. The 2012 spec of the NT1 has improved and lowered CG featuring an all-new lowered chassis in the engine area and a redesigned radio plate. The new chassis and radio plate were redesigned to provide an even lower CG, improved steering and flex to improve traction. Enjoy the 2012 NT1 and best of luck in the 2012 season.”

Source: Xray

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