Avid RC Vented Motor Plate for B4.1 and TLR 22


Avid RC have released these unique vented motor plates to improve performance. Associated and TLR vehicle owners will appreciate AVIDs innovative twist on the common motor plate. There is an innovative angled vent design that removes as much weight as possible up high. The 45-degree angled vents cut completely through the part to remove weight and add much-needed airflow around the motor-plate. The vents are angled to keep debris out and let air in and are placed above the motor, to ensure rigidity. The part is milled from 3mm 6061-T6 aluminium to avoid the extra stress that comes from stamping parts. Anodised black, the part features a silver chamfered edge.

AV1011    B4.1 Vented Motor Plate (Associated B4.1, T4.1, SC10)
AV1015    TLR 22 Vented Motor Plate (TLR 22, 22T)

Source: Avid RC

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