Avid’s Avert Design Alloy Spring Cups for TLR 22 & Assoc B4.1


Avert aluminium spring cups from Avid RC are made for the TLR 22 (and also fitting big-bore spring converted B4.1 shocks). These spring cups add extra security to your ride without sacrificing weight or putting a huge dent in your racing budget. A unique angled slot design adds two elements of safety. They weigh just 1.3g each and machined from 6061-T6 aluminium alloy, then are precision CNC machined before being black anodised. Each package includes four spring cups and one Avid mini decal sheet.
The AV1012 Aluminium Spring Cups fit the TLR 22 family of buggies and trucks. Also, racers can run them on Associated 1:10 scale buggies and trucks (B4.1, B44.1, T4.1, SC10) converted to run 12mm shock springs. The spring cups go along with AV1014 spring collar adapters and 12mm big bore springs

Source: Avid RC

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