JQ Products Release Details of RTR Version of THE Car


JQ Products have announced the release of THE Car in RTR form. The servos and engine have been chosen based on their performance as well as their affordability. The Savöx servos are strong and fast enough to be able to control the car, in a similar fashion to actual race cars with top of the line servos. The engine is a standard pull-start RTR unit, and it has more than enough power for this super lightweight RTR, that only weights 3300g.

Weight: 3300g
Radio and Receiver: 2.4GHz
Receiver Pack: 1200 NiMH
Engine: .21 pull-start
Steering Servo: Savöx SC0253MG
Throttle/Brake Servo: Savöx SC0352
Tyres: Multi-surface pre-glued
Chassis: 4mm Aluminium
Body Shell: Pre painted Lexan body
Driveshafts: Front CVDs/rear dogbones
Clutch: Three-shoe
Shock Absorbers: Hard anodised with 3.5mm shafts
Brakes: Twin fibreglass brake discs

(Requires glow starter, four AA batteries for transmitter, a standard glow plug and RC fuel to run)

Source: JQ Products

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