Kyosho Announce RB6 Mid and Rear Motor Design


The new RB6 2WD buggy is Kyosho’s first model that comes with the option to build it in either mid-motor or rear motor set-up, ensuring that it has the ideal layout for tracks and surfaces around the world. The chassis debuted in the hands of Jared Tebo at the recent Hot Rod Hobbies Shootout and immediately drew lots of attention. At the time and on the dirt track, Jared ran the RB6 in rear motor form. The latest Ultima model features a duralumin chassis with tungsten diff balls, one-piece steel front wheel shafts and one-piece shock cap whilst the suspension design incorporates gull-wing rear wishbones. The mid-motor layout is suited to high grip and surfaces like carpet and Astroturf, but the RB6 can be converted to a rear mount to produce optimal performance on low grip tracks as well. Compatible with various battery sizes, it includes a mount for saddle or short LiPo batteries that allows the mounting position to be moved front and rear.┬áSee our gallery of images below:
New chassis design evolves from the RB5
Design allows either mid or rear motor positioning
Tungsten diff balls
One-piece steel front axles
Moveable battery position with saddle or short LiPo batteries
Reinforced idler gear
Clamp screw aluminium hex wheel hubs
Newly designed large slipper clutch
Gun metallic anodised aluminium parts

Source: Kyosho

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