This is the new BullDog body for the RB6 1:10 buggy so Kyosho fans can celebrate with Pro-Line bringing this proven technology for the new 2WD. This body has been designed specifically to fit the Kyosho buggy chassis yet still provides the unmatched performance characteristics that define Pro-Line’s BullDog body line. Great care was taken in refining the BullDog design for 2012 to create even more stability with enhanced steering to gain an advantage on the track. The windshield is steeper to create more down force over the front wheels and the roof ridges have been raised to channel the airflow over the middle of the body for increased high-speed stability. The roof has been lowered in the rear and fins have been added to achieve stable airflow over the body. The fins also add rigidity to the body to increase aerodynamic efficiency.

3398-00     Pro-Line 2012 BullDog Clear Body for RB6

Source: Pro-Line

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