The XB4 will be Xray’s first foray into 1:10 off-road, adopting gear diffs and an alloy chassis as the backbone of the shaft-drive design

“It’s time to raise the bar in the 1:10 buggy class.” This was the statement made by Xray upon their release of their first car in the category, the XB4. Using an all-new platform, the XB4 is the result of two years of development, testing many different designs and configurations. The final design was chosen after extensive testing around the world in various conditions by some of the world’s best drivers.
At the heart of the XB4 is the chassis that features’ Xray’s Multi-Flex technology with an aluminium backbone and composite chassis plate. The front, centre and rear bulkheads are keyed into the chassis that provides a location for all of the required electronics. For the best weight balance, the motor mount is positioned at the front on the right side, with the servo, speed control and receiver located opposite with a saddle pack split either side.


The XB4 is a shaft-driven 4WD with geared diffs front and rear. There is an adjustable slipper clutch whilst all driveshafts are of the CVD type. The aluminium suspension holders feature Integrated Suspension Settings (ISS) that allow for quick and easy suspension geometry changes with caster, camber, toe-in, roll centre, kick-up, anti-squat, wheelbase and track all possible set-up options. Other features of the XB4 are the clamping aluminium hex hubs, dual arm steering system, Hudy Spring Steel turnbuckles, big bore shocks anti-roll bars, 2mm graphite top deck and 3mm graphite shock towers.

Check out the Xray website for more details at here and look out for a full review in Racer very soon.

Source: Xray

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