PSM-PS01559PSM have released three new items for the latest Mugen MBX-7 with front and rear shock towers, as well as an Ackerman plate. The front tower is made from 5mm thick carbon fibre whilst the rear is 4mm thick.


The Ackerman steering plate is 3mm thick and like the previously mentioned items, is made using PSM’13 – a new stronger and lighter material.

PSM-PS01562PS01559 PSM Front Shock Tower in 5mm Carbon Fibre – Mugen MBX-7
PS01560 PSM Rear Shock Tower in 4mm Carbon Fibre – Mugen MBX-7
PS01562 PSM Ackerman Plate in 3mm Carbon Fibre – Mugen MBX-7

Source: PSM

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