xray-v_358500The new High-Torque Clutch set from Xray is for the XB9 and is an important performance upgrade. The clutch provides a smoother and more continuous transfer of power from engine at very high RPM. The clutch engages higher at a higher RPM range, resulting in more controllable power during acceleration, whilst maintaining good handling and performance on jumps. The updated design and engagement profile also provide for extended clutch life. The High Torque Clutch set includes:

#358532 Flywheel – the new flywheel has a smaller diameter but increased weight. Thanks to the smaller diameter, the flywheel is more protected above the chassis so after a huge jump there is less chance of an engine stoppage should the car land on a rock or other obstacle. The increased weight of the flywheel results into more balanced operation of the engine.
358562 Clutch Shoe (3) – the new clutch shoes are smaller, lighter and designed for engagement during the entire travel of the shoe. The shoes are less sensitive to wear and as such life time is increased.
#358550 Flywheel Nut – tough Hudy Spring Steel nut for securing flywheel to engine crankshaft.
#358587 Springs Soft – clutch comes standard with #358587 Soft Springs. As a tuning option, #358588 springs medium are available separately.

#358500 Xray Clutch Set – High Torque

Source: Xray

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