silver-state-electric-podiumThe 2013 Silver State Nitro Challenge was once again held 30 minutes outside of fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada in Boulder City. This years event was held from 19-21 April with perfect weather conditions all week long with temperatures in the mid 80s. Team Orion would bring a strong team to this years event that included Jared Tebo, Ryan Cavalieri, Yuichi Kanai, Drew Moller and Cody Turner.

1:8 Pro Electric Buggy
After qualifying was complete, Team Orion’s Jared Tebo would start second on the grid, Ryan Cavalieri fifth and Cody Turner eighth. The A final was set for ten minutes. Tebo got a great jump off the line with his Team Orion-powered Kyosho MP9E and closely followed Lutz for lap one. Tebo was then able to make his way by for the lead and began to pull away. Halfway through the main, Tebo made a small bobble and would fall back to second with a hard charging Lutz taking back over the lead. A few laps later Tebo would motor past Lutz on the back straight to regain the lead and would pull away once again to be the only driver to get by for the 18th lap. Lutz went on to finish second and Rodriguez would round out the podium in third.

Result – 1:8 Pro Electric Buggy A Final
1st  Jared Tebo
2nd  Ryan Lutz
3rd  Dylan Rodriguez
4th  Adam Drake
5th  Mike Truhe
6th  Ryan Cavalieri
7th  Richard Saxton
8th  Cody Turner
9th  Billy Fischer
10th  Renato Tradardi Jr

1:8 Pro Nitro Buggy
After qualifying was complete, Team Orion’s Jared Tebo would start third on the grid, Ryan Cavalieri would start fifth and Drew Moller seventh. The A final was set for 45-minutes. As the tone went off, Lutz would lead the field by for lap one. A small mistake by Tebo would drop him back in the pack which allowed Drake up to second and Cavalieri in third. After the first round of pit stops, Drake was now leading with Cavalieri in second. Lutz and Tebo had a good battle going on for the third spot. At the second round of pit stops, Tebo’s fast pace allowed him to catch up to Drake and Cavalieri for a three-way battle for the lead. Tebo would eventually get by both on the track within the next few minutes and began to pull away. Cavalieri made his way into second and set his sights on Tebo. At the third round of pit stops, Tebo was leading with Cavalieri by seven seconds. Cavalieri would keep it close for the next nine minutes up to the last round of pit stops. Tebo got in and out of pit lane during his final stop with a lightning fast pit from Team Manager Joe Pillars. Cavalieri put on an impressive charge to try and catch Tebo but ran out of time. Tebo would hold on to take the win over Cavalieri by five seconds. Lutz would just edge out Drake to finish third. Team Orion would take the top two spots on the podium with young up-and-coming talent Drew Moller put in a great drive to finish sixth overall!

Result – 1:8 Pro Nitro Buggy A Final
1st  Jared Tebo
2nd  Ryan Cavalieri
3rd  Ryan Lutz (TQ)
4th  Adam Drake
5th  Josh Wheeler
6th  Drew Moller
7th  Dylan Rodriguez
8th  Cody King
9th  Billy Fischer
10th  Mike Truhe

Source: Team Orion

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