kaja-rdrpRDRP team driver Kája Novotny has sent us his report from the first round of the Mibosport Cup 2013 and his first experience with the new RDRP DEX210 Plus11 chassis:

“On Sunday (12 May) there was the first Mibosport cup race. The track had changed a little bit compared to last year, but the surface remained the same Astroturf. In the morning, the track was very wet. In practice I watched all the 2WDs and also some 4WD cars as they slid on the track and couldn’t take any corner fast.
I put some old tyres on my DEX210 +11mm (RDRP) for practice and thought that I wouldn’t be able to make one clean lap. But the car behaved awesome and didn’t slide at all. For qualification I put on some better tyres and finished all rounds more than one lap ahead of the others. The car was behaving like on a carpet – it was stable and I had also enough steering. When the track dried for the finals, I expected that car would have too much grip and would be slower, but we didn’t make any changes. I was surprised as the car was stable, but never rolled over and it was much faster than any other 2WD on the track.
I really like my DEX210 +11mm and I look forward for some next driving with it. It is much easier to control, but remains fast.”

Kája also used the new RDRP Aluminium LRC (low roll centre) rear suspension mounts, which is the perfect choice for low grip conditions.
RDRP want to congratulate Kája for his respectable win and the great feedback to the team!

Source: RDRP

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