rdrp-wrench-2Revolution Design Racing Products have released their much anticipated Ultra Wrenches. The machined 7075 T6 grip handle allows a perfect fit in the hand, without fear of getting blistered fingers after hours of use. The handle is black hard-anodised and sports the typical laser edged RDRP logo. The end cap in blue (for metric size) and red (for imperial size) indicates with a large letter the size of the wrench. The most important part of a good wrench is the wrench tip. The RDRP high grade quality spring steel tip allows a long life span and is ultra precisely for a tight fit to the screws and nuts. A laser edged indication on the tip allows you a quick identification of the size.


The wrenches comes in following sizes:

1.5mm Hex Wrench
2.0mm Hex Wrench
2.0mm Ball Hex Wrench
2.5mm Hex Wrench
2.5mm Ball Hex Wrench
5.5mm Socket Wrench
7.0mm Socket Wrench

0.050” Hex Wrench
1/16” Hex Wrench
5/64” Hex Wrench
3/32” Hex Wrench
3/16” Socket Wrench
1/4” Socket Wrench
11/32” Socket Wrench

Revolution Design Racing Products have released this short video:

Source: RDRP

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