jc-2273The JConcepts team have been working to shed some weight from the World Champion Mugen MBX-7 with a range of carbon fibre components.


They pin-pointed the exact geometry locations of the front shock tower and designed a durable and lightweight option part that is a direct bolt-on for the front and rear-end of the popular Mugen vehicle.
jc-2277The front shock tower is 5mm in thickness while the rear is 4mm and features all the stock mounting geometry in a more compact package. There are also 3mm thick carbon fibre front upright arms and a steering rack.

jc-2278#2273 JConcepts Mugen MBX-7 5mm Carbon Fibre Front Shock Tower
#2274 JConcepts Mugen MBX-7 4mm Carbon Fibre Rear Shock Tower
#2277 JConcepts Mugen MBX-7 3mm Carbon Fibre Front Upright Arm – 2
#2278 JConcepts Mugen MBX-7 3mm Carbon Fibre Steering Rack

Source: JConcepts

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