lrp-san-roque-nacionalThe final round of the Spanish 1:8 off-road Nationals took place on the track “El Estrecho”, which stands out for its excellent design, facilities and the organisation.
In this race, Alberto García and Dani Vega would battle for the title of 2013 champion. The race promised to be extremely thrilling as our driver needed to win the race to take the title. If Dani was second and Alberto third, Dani would not win the championship.
The LRP driver used the same set-up he had been using in previous races, which was perfect for Dani and he could show it already during practise. In the 1:8 E-buggy class, Dani uses the LRP iX8 speed control, the LRP Dynamic 8 2200KV brushless motor and the LiPo 7200 Competition Car Line batteries. In his own words: “I always like to run with LRP electronics, which have helped me to win a lot of Spanish Nats, in both 2WD and 4WD.” And he added: “The car is running perfectly, it works really good when following the tips of my German LRP colleagues, especially when setting up the speed control.”
In the qualifying heats and Dani secured TQ, which gave him some relief before the A finals. The first leg started with an intense duel between Alberto and Dani, and the latter managed to gain a few metres on his opponent despite the fact he was pressed hard all the time. For a few seconds, Dani was close to being overtaken, but luckily this was just a scare and the LRP driver was able to cross the finish line in first.
In the second leg, Alberto was up for it but nevertheless Dani remained cool, showing his experience and nerves of steel to close any track openings. The LRP driver brought out his amazing talent in a way that every time Alberto tried to overtake him, Dani took a small advantage and tried to go a little slower in order to not make any mistakes. Even so, Alberto was glued to Dani, and one more time he had to give it his maximum. Tension was in the air and everyone could feel it, knowing how important this second A final was for Dani Vega and LRP. On the last lap, Alberto made a mistake, so Dani pulled a few metres away. When everyone thought that the LRP driver would win without problems, Dani hit a corner and rolled. Alberto tried to overtake Dani and hit his competitor’s car, but this also took away any overtaking opportunity so  Dani managed to win the second leg and therefore became 2013 Spanish Champion in the 1:8 E-buggy class.
In the third A final, Dani won again without any problems ahead of Zacarías Villalba and Sergio Martínez,, while Alberto had a breakdown so he could only finish two laps. Furthermore, Juan Clavijo also ran with LRP components in the A finals and despite the fact that he was running the Spanish Nats in 1:8 class for the first time, he finished ninth overall. Congratulations Juan for your result.
Congratulations Dani for your victory – it was an awesome race! You can watch the complete A final below:


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Source: LRP

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