schelle-12mm-AE-shock-toolAvailable now in either black or blue is the new Schelle 12mm Shock and Turnbuckle tool – the ideal companion for any Team Associated 1:10 model. This is the first item from Kurt Wenger’s new company and is packed with features, and remains comfortable in the hand. The thoughtful design of this Schelle tool means that it fits the kit Factory Team as well as option JConcepts and Lunsford turnbuckles with laser etched markings near each slot to help identification. An angled turnbuckle slots gives more tool and hand clearance when working on the car whilst a third slot is there to tighten both 4-40 Factory Team and 4-40 Schelle aluminium shock standoffs. There is a sliding keyway to lock the shock body into place for breaking free tight shock cap and it fits over the aluminium and moulded shock caps for additional leverage or to prevent harsh edges from digging into your fingers. The tool is CNC machined and comes in anodised aluminium with a laser etched Schelle logo. It comes packed in a re-usable Schelle snap case with instructions and a mini decal included.

SCH1010-BLK      Schelle Associated 12mm Shock and Turnbuckle Tool – Black
SCH1010-BLU      Schelle Associated 12mm Shock and Turnbuckle Tool – Blue

Source: Schelle Racing

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