spanish-nats-round-oneYesterday saw the first round of the Spanish 1:8 nitro buggy nationals and everybody was surprised on how the weekend evolved. Oscar Baldó, the young Neo14 junior winner took pole position in qualifying in front of Robert Batlle, who had not been beaten to pole for some years. In the finals, Oscar won semi A and Robert semi B, but as Oscar was faster he would be number one on on the final starting grid. At this point, many people were amazed as Robert’s level is so high, and for Robert to be beaten was impossible to imagine. But the final was even more incredible! Oscar led them away whilst Robert, after some trouble was delayed. Worse was still to come as he flamed out after the first fuel stop and when they finally restarted his car, Oscar had just passed the transponder line and was almost about to lap him, and this was just ten minutes in! So Robert had a big fight to get back and for a long time to the point that the winner was only decided in the last 30 seconds of the 45-minute final between Oscar and Robert as the World Champion was able to claim his title once again. Oscar did a great job as did Robert. This can all be seen in the video below:

Source: Info RC

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