JConcepts-Foxy-B5B5M-Carbon-Fibre-Battery-BracesThe Foxy battery brace by JConcepts is highly functional and aesthetically pleasing made from genuine 2.5mm carbon fibre. With so much variety in today’s batteries and with most vehicles having a flexible mounting position forward and aft, functionality is always a top priority. With the new battery brace, running different battery positions is possible while maintaining the necessary terminal clearance and providing a healthy holding force to keep everything in tact even in the most demanding conditions or the inevitable crash. The shape, combined with exotic material and surface finish, tops off an all-important look to the vehicle from the inside out.

#2349        JConcepts RC10B5 Foxy 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Battery Brace
#2350        JConcepts RC10B5M Foxy 2.5mm Carbon Fibre Battery Brace

Source: JConcepts

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