Our friends at Hertford Radio Car Club have been in touch.

Press Release attached below.

Booking in Open 8pm 27th August

We are delighted to announce that Zen Racing Rug Racer’s in association with Zen Racing, Mardave and Active Scale Models, is back for its 9th season at the fantastic Wodson Park venue in Ware, Hertfordshire.

Race Dates Round 1 – 5th October 2014 Round 2 – 2nd  November 2014 Round 3 – 7th December 2014 Round 4 – 4th January 2015 Round 5 – 1st February 2015 Round 6 – 1st March 2015 Venue Wodson Park Sports and Leisure Center. Directions are available at http://www.hertfordracing.co.uk/?page_id=17 Track The track size will be 32 metres x 16 metres and is Prima GT with plastic trunk markers. The layouts will be fast and challenging for Touring cars and Mardave alike. Opening time & finishing time Doors will open at 07.30am and racing will finish no later than 17.30am. Race Day Format Practice will be in heat format, with 4 or 5 minutes runtime depending on total entries. Racing will consist of 4 rounds of 5 minute qualifying with 2 rounds of 5 minute finals for all. Classes

  • TC 17.5 Blinky
  • TC 13.5 Boosted
  • GT12
  • Kids

Touring car rules

  • Only 1/10th 4wd based RC Touring cars allowed
  • Minimum weight of 1350g
  • Minimum ride height of 5mm (inclusive of body shell)
  • Control Tyres – RIDE Rex30, part number 26032. The track side shop, Active Scale Models, will be able to provide these on the day.
  • Only water based additive allowed (e.g. LRP, Carpet Jack etc)
  • Only BRCA approved motors allowed
  • Only commercially available LiPo allowed (and must be charged within a LiPo charging sack at no more than 10A at ALL times) – No NiCad charging of LiPo’s
  • Any commercially available 190mm bodyshell
  • Once you have competed in two rounds of either 17.5 or 13.5, you are then committed to that class for the rest of the series.

Mardave ‘gt12’ class rules

  • Run to BRCA gt12 rules
  • Any commercially available GT bodyshells.
  • Mardave or contact tyres, no cut down 12th allowed.
  • Only water based additive allowed (e.g. LRP, Carpet Jack etc)

Race Director We are delighted to announce Joe Brown as our race director and commentator for this year’s series.

Trackside Shop Active Scale Models – http://www.activescalemodels.co.uk/ Food Hot food and drinks will be available from the Leisure Center canteen. Booking in Due to the success of last year’s series we are delighted to announce that we have been able to keep the entry costs at £10. Booking in will be via centralbooking.org, opening at 8pm on Wednesday 27th August 2014. Booking in will be available on the day, but will be charged at £15 due to the burden that it causes our race director. Running a second class Booking in for a second class is only available on the day providing there is space. Note that it will not be possible to run in two TC classes, only GT12 and TC. The cost of a second class will be £10. Championship Points The points system will be the same as last year using the WLRC points system. http://www.wlrc.co.uk/champ/scoring.htm Raffle prizes Zen Racing, Mardave and Active Scale Models will be providing raffle prizes at each round. Charity Following the Zen Racing Rug Racer’s tradition, the proceeds from the first round raffle will all go to charity. This year the charity will be the British Heart Foundation in memory of Martin Laxton. So, please dig deep for those raffle tickets and let’s see if we can beat last year’s total of just over £390!

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