JConcepts-Tire-Sticks-1Keeping track of your tyres is vitally important in being organised and ready to change depending on the track conditions or weather. JConcepts has released these new Tire Sticks which allow a driver to neatly group sets of front and rear tyres together. Available in blue or black, the sticks can make an eye popping appearance in the pits or tucked away nicely in storage or racing bags. The Tire Sticks operate with two separate pieces that are designed to interlock and work together to snap and clinch into place.
JConcepts-Tire-Sticks-2To use, simply slide the mounted tyres down the stick portion and position them so the last tyre has the hex facing outward. Slide the clinching retainer down the stick and align the hex into place in the wheel and pull snuggly together. As a bonus, extra stick length can be manually trimmed off for a more compact fit or finish to any clinched set of tyres.


#2430-1     JConcepts 1:10 Off-Road Tire Stick – blue (4)
#2430-2     JConcepts 1:10 Off-Road Tire Stick – black (4)


Source: JConcepts


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