JConcepts-HF2-SCT-Low-Profile-Racing-BodyJConcepts has won an unprecedented ten out of 12 ROAR National Championships in the short course truck division by constantly innovating and pushing the envelope in performance. The latest body for the race class has been specifically designed for mid-motor SCT trucks by slamming the roof and effectively lowering the centre of gravity. There is full rear opening capability just behind the cab that allows the air to be released in one of the most crucial of areas. Larger and more open louvers near the tail end of the bed lend a helping hand while the front fender flares and lower windshield area maintain the tune-ability with trim lines for user preference. The wheel wells are an area of focus on the HF2 body with an edgier appeal and pronounced flare to them. The openings allow for more tyre clearance throughout suspension travel and also provide a little release of air during high-speed cornering. The rear number plates have been updated to accommodate the lower roof line and also detailed for appearance, and have been lowered, angled and notched to fit into the new rear bed configuration. Metric hardware and locknuts are included to mount all body included add-ons.

#0282        JConcepts HF2 SCT
#0282L      JConcepts HF2 SCT – lightweight material

Source: JConcepts

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