jconcepts-1984-f-150-bodyThe 1984 Ford F-150 was one of the best selling pick-ups in the world. The seventh generation of the Ford F-Series was distinguished by its squarer look, sharper lines and flatter panels, were designed with the working man in mind. The “Blue Oval,” a trademark of all Ford pickups, makes a striking appearance centred in the grille. Stout wheel arches are carved ever so carefully into the panels while openings allow for a vast assortment of tyres on the market. The F-150 single-cab look is strong and is a careful reminder of a time when passengers sat side-by-side during a typical outing.
The bed itself is solid and includes slated details to look like its full-size counterpart. Light body lines and raised sections are present throughout such as fuel tank caps, window weather strip outlines and hood indentations. The hard body-line positioned front to back give the truck heart and the “Built Ford Tough” personality. The body comes clear and includes authentic decal sheet and easy to use window mask for the detailed hobbyist. The F-150 drops on the Ascender and Axial 12.50” wheelbase setting, with standard body mounts.

#0296 JConcepts 1984 Ford F-150 Trail/Scaler Body

Source: JConcepts

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