RCCR March 2013
RCCR March 2013
  • The Next Step – We take a look at what could be considered the perfect package for getting into airbrushing with the Neo for Iwata set from The Airbrush Company.
  • Vaterra Insight – Racer gets a UK exclusive with a first look at the new Vaterra range of RC vehicles from Horizon Hobby.
  • FHSS For the First Timer – Sanwa’s new three-channel steerwheel transmitter system, the MX-V offers top shelf quality for the entry-level market.
  • Personal Timer – The DCD TimeR system not only offers lap times but has whole host of other features aimed at helping you test and analysing the results.
  • Olly’s Championship Review – The 2012 National Champion reflects on his winning year and looks back on the highs and lows of his BRCA TC campaign.
  • Chesterfield Makes it Four – Two more wins for David Spashett as his winning streak extended through round two at the spiritual home of 1:12 at Chesterfield.
  • A Test of Southern California – We took three unpainted Protoform SoCal bodies and gave them to three very different characters to see what they would do with a blank canvas – and the results were stunning in their own individual way…
  • Thai TQ – Jurgen Lautenbach reflect so n LRP’s success at the IFMAR 1:10 Nitro Touring Car World Championship in Thailand and introduces the updates incorporated into the brand new LRP S10 Blast 2 Brushless car line.
  • Gadget Show Live 2012 – Gadget geek Tom Stacey hopped over to Excel to feast his eyes on the latest tech and RC at the Christmas edition of the Gadget Show Live.
  • Splitting The Prophets – The new Sport Duo edition of the Prophet charger from Dynamite offers twin output LiPo balance charging, wrapped up in a distinctive bright red case as we put the unit to the test.
  • Xray XB4 – The much anticipated 1:10 4WD buggy from Xray graces the cover this issue and once again, they have pulled out all the stops with superior quality and fit as we found out when we put this composite/alloy chassis design together.
  • Schumacher CAT K1 – Using the proven suspension from the SX3, the K1 features an all new twin belt transmission, new steering rack and many other tweaks including a stunning black theme as Schumacher aim to make this CAT the luckiest out there.
  • RC4WD Trail Finder 2 – The Trail Finder 2 is the latest scale truck kit from RC4WD that includes a two-speed gearbox with transfer case and ABS body shell. Could this be an SCX10 beater from RC4WD
  • ECX Revenge Type N – Hot on the heels of our review of the highly regarded electric version of the Revenge, Racer got it hands on the Type N model equipped with a 3.5cc nitro engine before putting the RTR through its paces.
  • FTX Carnage NT – The NT version of the Carnage adds a nitro option to the established electric brushed and brushless options already available. Not only did we put the NT to the test, we also put it alongside the brushless version to see how the two compared.
  • Tamiya WT-01 Mud Blaster II – The Mud Blaster II is a fusion of new and old using the original body fitted to a new WT-01. It is the second take on a classic name, but can this new version hold a candle to its predecessor?
  • Thunder Tiger Sparrowhawk XB – At under £170, the Sparrowhawk XB is a great entry-level RC car with 4WD, oil-filled shocks and 2.4GHz radio equipment. Not only will this appeal to the first time buyer, but when we hit a local track with the buggy, it performed pretty well too in competition…
Price: £4.25
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