BRCA Micro Section Rule Change


2WD – Rule 1.1

At the first round of the BRCA Micro Nationals on 4th October it was brought to the attention of the Committee that a competitor had entered the 2WD class with a car that was running a ‘reversed’ front one-way differential connected to the main drive train of the car.

Following extensive discussions between the Committee and the driver of the car it was decided by the Committee that the driver would be able to continue racing with the ‘reversed’ front one-way differential at the meeting, that he would keep his qualifying time for Round 1, and would keep any points gained during Qualifying and the Finals.

Following on from this the Committee has discussed the matter at great length in the weeks following the meeting and has voted unanimously to invoke ‘force majeure’ as per rule 15.1 of the 2009-10 BRCA Micro Section rules.

With immediate effect from today, 25th October 2009, rule 1.1 of the 2009-10 BRCA Micro Section Rules will read as follows (amendment is in bold red text):

“All cars running in the 2WD (Two Wheel Drive) class must be RWD (Rear Wheel Drive). Only the rear wheels may be connected to the cars transmission; the front wheels must rotate freely in both directions. All cars running in the 2WD class must be fitted with micro size wheels, excluding tyres with they must have a maximum diameter of 46mm. 1:10 Scale Touring Car size wheels are not permitted. Wheels to be measured, if required, from the centre of the cars axle to the edge of the wheels rim when fitted to the car.”


Source: BRCA Micro Section

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